Rotschiefer_small We have a very unique geological treasure in the world of wine in our hands with the red shale of the “Roter Hang” between Nackenheim and Nierstein. Steep, rocky slopes of up to 80% on the Roter Hang are the origin of our wines. This rock stems from the Permian period from around 290 million years ago and lays for the most part hidden under the surface, but protrudes along the escarpment of the Rhine. The influence of this unique geology is the common thread that runs through our wines. The spicy mineral character derived from this soil comprises the structural spine of all of our wines. This minerality, combined with fruity elegance and typical racy Riesling acidity, yields the expression of balance and harmony for which we vintners strive. The term “terroir” is often employed to describe the obvious influence of the local geology on the style of our wines. For us, the word “terroir” means the combination of all the natural preconditions and environmental influences on the vine and the resulting wines. This naturally includes the soil and its structure, the climate, precipitation, and many other less obvious factors like the slope gradient, the microclimate, and surrounding flora and fauna. There are additional limiting factors like the tendency for erosion that also define terroir. All of these attributes have an influence on the way we manage our soil and leave their mark on the style of wine that is created.