Agnes and Fritz Hasselbach

Enthusiasm for wine cultivation came late for Fritz Hasselbach. It was nearly with disconcertedness that he graduated from the viticultural school in Eltville in Rheingau. Studies at Geisenheim followed where he achieved a degree in oenology and viticulture. He later worked at the education and research institute in Oppenheim where he was a technical consultant for viniculture. 6_agnes_fritz_hasselbach3_smallFritz Hasselbach and Agnes Usinger married in 1974. She was the eldest daughter of the Gunderloch Winery in Nackenheim. Agnes grew up at the winery, studied biology and geography, and worked as a high school teacher. Together, Fritz and Agnes discovered their enthusiasm for the local Riesling and for the wine regions of Europe, Australia, and Canada. Agnes quit her job as teacher and Fritz gave up his institutional position to become independently employed. In 1979 they joined the family winery and initially worked together with Agnes’s parents. In 1986 they took full responsibility for the Gunderloch Winery. It was their goal to regain the status that the family estate had once had in the international world of wine. It was the Hasselbachs’ quest to get the very best out of the Rothenberg each vintage. Agnes and Fritz strove to gain the international recognition that Riesling from the Roter Hang deserves. It was their joint goal to preserve and promote thriving wine culture on the steep slopes of the Rhine. Their mission demanded numerous travels as ambassadors for Riesling not only within Europe, but also overseas. International wine enthusiasts now find Gunderloch Rieslings on wine lists of top restaurants and wine shops around the world. After nearly 30 years of hard work, they now want to take things a little easier and are thrilled that their son, Johannes, will lead the family winery into the future. Agnes and Fritz are by no means yet out of the picture, but continue to support the new young team in the background.